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How do you get the buy box with your product?

Ryon Mereboer

Bol.com seller information

10 Jun. 2022 - 4 minutes reading time

The best sales position on bol.com

What happens if multiple sellers offer the same product via bol.com? Then bol.com compares the price, delivery time and service of all the sellers. The one who comes out best in this test is selected for the sales block. The buying block means that you have the best sales position for that specific product. Your product will now be seen and sold faster. That is of course what you as an entrepreneur want to achieve. Would you like to improve your sales position on bol.com? Then read on!

3 factors that determine your sales position

Bol.com wants to present the best offer to their customers, which is why they rigorously assess all items offered on their platform. The three components which bol.com looks at are: delivery promise, price and performance score. One part is more important than the other, depending on the type of product. The customer's needs are always central in this. For example, for everyday items, more value will be placed on a fast delivery time and for furniture, the price will probably weigh more heavily. Speed of delivery Products with fast delivery are more often on the purchasing block. The maximum number of days that you specify for delivery time is taken into account. So, a delivery promise of 1-2 working days is considered as 2 days delivery time. Price Good deals are attractive to customers. That is why bol.com attaches great importance to this aspect. A few cents difference will not give you a buying block position. You must be able to really distinguish yourself from the competition. Performance score bol.com believes that service is extremely important. The customer should be addressed in a courteous manner, the products should be delivered at the agreed time and the customer should be satisfied with the purchased product. If your service is of high quality, bol.com will reward this with a better sales position.

Improve performance scores of the buying block

Your performance score is determined by the service you have provided in the past six weeks. When you arrange your own shipping, bol.com looks at logistic factors. You will be evaluated on the number of cancellations of your product, the fulfillment of the delivery promise and the course of the track & trace. In addition, the evaluations of the products delivered by you are included in your performance score. If you achieve a good performance score on all components, this increases your chance of being placed on the buying block. So it is definitely worth investing time in!

If you ship via bol.com, it works differently. For these shipments, only the customer's rating counts towards your performance score. This is because bol.com has arranged its logistics very well, as a result of which you automatically score well on all other components (cancellations, delivery and track & trace). Your chance of conquering the buying block is therefore greater when you choose to ship via bol.com logistics. If you prefer to arrange the shipment independently from bol.com, you will have to make sure that you score well in logistics.

How do you perform? You can easily see this in your sales account on bol.com. Click on 'Performance' at the top and you will see an overview of your score at a glance. And where the points for improvement lie. If you improve on one (or more) of the four areas, this will always have a positive effect on your performance score. Your performance score is recalculated every Wednesday, so you may have to wait a while before you see any results. If you are already doing reasonably well, you can experiment with delivery time and price to see what works best for your product. Be sure to keep your promises, otherwise your position may deteriorate.

Optimise your product range

Which product achieves the best sales position depends repeatedly on three key factors: delivery promise, price and performance score. By taking a close look at the competition, you can find out where your opportunities lie. On the bol.com product page, you can see which other entrepreneurs are offering the same product. Here you can also see who has the buying block. Do you already have the best price and delivery time? Then work on your performance score. If you provide a great service, it might be because of the price.

Always keep in mind what is best for the customer, because that is what bol.com rewards. After all, they want nothing more than satisfied customers. Make sure you meet or maybe even exceed their expectations. Good luck!

Ryon Mereboer

Ryon is the founder of Rylee

Frequently asked questions about the buy box (koopblok)

What is a buy box (koopblok)?

The buy box is the first result that is shown to the customer when he searches for an item.

How is the buy box (koopblok) determined?

The buy box is determined by the following factors: Delivery promise, price and performance score

Which of the factors weighs most heavily in determining the buy box?

This differs per product category. This is optimised on the basis of customer behaviour.

How do I get the buy box?

You are more likely to get the buying block if you make improvements in your delivery promise, price and performance score.
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