FiveX vs Rylee, the best FiveX alternative

First of all, FiveX is a great tool for product research. However, we think it's important to let you know that there are more tools than only FiveX.

So if you're looking for a FiveX alternative or if you want to compare FiveX and Rylee, you've come to the right place!

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Rylee is made for scaling webshops

With Rylee you can scale your business. Rylee likes to target the entire market, from the starter to the mega sellers on As a result, our packages also scale perfectly with your growth!

A big advantage with Rylee compared to FiveX is that you can work together with your team, and that you can link multiple shops. This way you don't have to share your login details with your employees!

Rylee vs FiveX

Rylee and FiveX both offer a good shop management system, but are not nearly the same. This is also reflected in how both tools scale with your growth.

FiveX scales with the amount of orders you get. At Rylee you only pay for what you add yourself, for example an extra team or an extra team member! This way you always know what you're paying, while all orders are just being processed!

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FiveX vs Rylee, the best FiveX alternative

Tracking with the Chrome Extension of Rylee brings many benefits. For example, you can already see the sales on and quickly add products to the tracker in Rylee.

This allows you to work very efficiently with Rylee. A big advantage of Rylee over FiveX is that there is no limit to the tracking of products.

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All sale features at a glance

You won't find many of these features in any other tool on the market

The Product Tracker

Track unlimited products to find your winning product! Gain insight into your competitors sales data

The Product Generator

In the database you can quickly find your winning product based on filters that you think are important

Shop Management

Manage multiple webshops in Rylee and get a clear overview of your orders. You can invite team members as well!

Chrome Extension

See immediately all sales data on of a product and track your products from here.

Zapier Integration

With this integration you can link your webshop with 1000+ other software, such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Freshdesk, etc.

Tax Invoices

Quickly create a VAT invoice for all your orders for your customers and send it automatically!

Plus many other features!

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An app that keeps on developing!! Highly recommended! 👍 💎



Very nice research tool that is easy to use and gives a good overview. Highly recommended! 🥰



Very fine tooling. Looks pretty slick and has just about everything needed for my business. Unanimously worth every euro! Highly re... 🔥✨



Good for both beginners and those who have already started. Convenient and easy to use. 🥰



Since using Rylee I have grown as a entrepreneur. What I like about Rylee is that I can my automate emails ... 🔥✨



The best tool to track the products and good overview clear and easy to use. 🔥✨



Ideal for tracking a lot of products at the same time! A real enrichment to my business. 😊💖



Rylee is simple, easy to learn & use. Very affordable and can be canceled monthly, so no annoying contracts. 🔥✨

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